Ah, the Annual Gingerbread House

I need to get better at time management.  I waited until two days before Christmas to bake the gingerbread house AND I ran out of butter.  To be fair, though, it's been a busy holiday season for me, catching up with family and friends, in addition to all the baking and Christmas shopping and being lazy that I've done.

Anyway, despite my lack of time, I think I made a pretty cute little house... and it's actually bigger than the houses I normally make (but smaller than last year's castle). One day I still wanna make a gingerbread Hogwarts, but I have to convince my sister (who's taking an architectural class in school) to make some blueprints with me.

The best pictures I have though are of the house being eaten/destroyed. I think that was more fun than putting it together (especially considering that I was terrified that it wouldn't make it through the night while the royal icing dried).