More Christmas Goodies

I am well behind on my blogging, as I am quite aware.  I made these treats a whole year ago!

The cake was for my brother's class party; I made it the same week that I made the cookies, blueberry muffins, and the mentioned-later-on cupcakes. It was a busy week for me, to say the least, especially considering it was my first week on holiday.

Unfortunately, I waited until the night before to decorate or even come up with a design plan, so this is the best I could come up with on the spot. It's not bad, though.

Oh, and I LOVE the super red icing gel that I bought a few months back- making red icing is way easier now. :D

And with the leftover red and green icing, I made these cute little cupcakes, originally for another class party, but my brother didn't know I made them for him, and since I slept in that morning, we just had a miscommunication. However, I did give them to the office staff at Woodland Elementary, and I'm told they were delicious. :-)

I'm not so good at the 2-color swirl deal, but hopefully that will change with more practice. Some of the cupcakes really popped with the color and I like that effect a lot.

Also, I should probably make these goodies more photogenic-- you can totally see the mess I made in the background. Not very professional with sprinkles and cooing racks in the background. Just something else to improve on in the future!