Pirates and Haunted Houses

I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd share some of my older creations. First up, we have the truck road race cake I made for James' fourth birthday. He's 11 now, so that was seven years ago. (Wow! That was really long ago)

What do you think? Has my decorating skills improved since then?? ;)

Next up is a haunted house. I think I made this one four or five years ago. I was still learning about piping and coloring icing... so the coloring is a bit off.

But those are some awesome ghosts, right?!

And finally, the pirate cake. Man, oh man, I remember this cake. I definitely made it three or four years ago, and my blood sugar was screwing up, so I wasn't in my best creative mood. And the icing had little chocolate chips in it, which was way too frustrating.

Ta-da! Not too shabby, all things considered.

That's all the cake I've got to show off for right now. :-) I applied for some jobs this week, since I have a car now, so send some good wishes and prayers my way! I definitely want to start decorating cakes on a more regular basis.