Superbowl Cookies (2007)

So these are the first ever Superbowl cookies that I ever made, way back in 2007.

As you can tell, I've come a long way since the Bears played the Colts.  I now use Royal Icing instead of buttercream (and the proper consistency of RI) to decorate the cookies, and I found appropriate cookie cutters.

If the horse looks a little funny to you, it's because I had to find a picture off the computer and trace that-- I didn't have a horse cookie cutter! (I do now, though, thankfully!)

This year, unfortunately, I won't be able to make Superbowl cookies, since I'll be away at school, instead of attending the annual church party like I have the past 3 years.

But I hope you enjoyed this little flashback into the past, and enjoy watching the game tomorrow night! (Or, not. I don't even think I'll be watching it, but who knows?)