The World is Right Again

Everything hurts:

My back is sore from leaning over.

My legs and feet ache from standing up all day.

My arms tire from kneading.

My clothes and face and new apron are covered in sugar.

But I couldn't be happier.

I got to bake. And I believe, without a doubt, that baking is the surest way to cure stress. For me at least. There's just something so relaxing about going through the motions of rolling out dough, and thinking on your feet when you can't find an ingredient, solving problems like too-hot ovens, and finding the best creative way to decorate. I can just let go of all of my problems (and let me tell you, last week was problematic for me) and focus on that task in front of me.

So thankfully my very good friend Joy took me home to bake with her and Megan and her awesome parents bought cookie mix and let me have run of the kitchen :)

It may not have been the weekend I was hoping for, but I have a fresh outlook on life. Especially since there is a tupperware of a couple dozen sugar cookies (decorated with marshmallow fondant... I actually did a pretty stellar job this time! I don't think anybody ever tells you what a sticky, gross mess it makes at first and how long it takes to knead, but by God, I did it right!) and a popcorn cake in my dorm.
Life is good.