Carrot Cake

Easter is coming up, and that seems to be the favorite time for carrot cake lovers. Probably because the Easter Bunny is partial to this particular delicious and, um, healthy (oh, let a girl dream, right?) dessert.

I've only successfully made a carrot cake once, and this was years and years ago, before I found out that you could make a cream cheese icing that held up to piping and use gel pastes instead of liquid food coloring to tint the icing.

But, I think this cake still looks pretty cute, even if I was unsure of my garland-creating abilities at the time.

The best part, though was the taste. I used a carrot cake recipe in a cookbook of my grandma's; I can't remember what it's called at this time, but I'm pretty sure that cookbook is still sitting on a bookshelf somewhere in my kitchen, with flour and butter all over the page with the recipe on it.

I even grated my own carrots. That's why I made the cake, actually, because we had too many carrot sitting in our fridge, and they were in danger of becoming gross if we didn't eat them fast enough.

The carrot grating certainly wasn't the most fun part, considering all that elbow grease I had to put into (plus my fingers were stained orange), but the cake was really delicious and really moist... perhaps too moist. One of the three layers didn't make it out of the pan. But that doesn't mean it went uneaten!

This year for Easter I'm not planning on baking anything, since I won't be going home, but  I hope that everyone else who's planning on cooking and baking this holiday has a successful and tasty time of it!