Helloooo Summer!

Good news, loyal blog readers! I am officially on my summer vacation! No school, no textbooks, no finals, no 2,000 words papers... at least until August.

On the one hand, I'm disappointed, because I got a B+ in Concepts of Wellness, AKA the easiest class ever, but maybe that's because I didn't take it seriously enough... Ah, hindsight.

On the other hand, I have four long months stretched ahead of me, filled with sun, sleep, friends, and cake! I applied for a job at Publix today, and I have a really, really good feeling about that. The managers were super nice and I'm really hoping I'll get an interview, and then, of course, a job. I'm also really nervous, too, so just send your thoughts or prayers or positive vibes my way! :-)

This Sunday is Wizarding Independence Day, which is totally one of the most important holidays on the obsessive Harry Potter fan's calendar, right up there with Harry's birthday (July 31) and the release of Deathly Hallows (November 19). However, we won't be celebrating until the following weekend, when everyone else is home from college. Oh! And I'll be making a Hogwarts cake and/or Golden Snitch cake balls.

See, Hillary, I totally drew a sketch of the Hogwarts cake!

But in all seriousness, I do have a pretty good mental image of what I want the cake to look like. Now all I need is a good execution! And suggestions about what the flavors should be (hint, hint).

Now I'm off to make a cake with my little brothers before they pester me to death about it! More cakey goodness later!