Simply Blissful

I am having quite an awesome summer.

First of all, my lack of blogging is due to a non-lack of everything else, such as brownies and jobs.

That's right, I'm off the job market. :) In the same week, I started my internship at Bliss, which is this really amazing bakery about half an hour from my house, and had a job interview at Publix. As far as Publix goes, I'm just waiting on the results of my background check & drug test before I can move forward with that.

But Bliss. Oh my gosh. I am having so much fun there! It's two days a week of cake & cupcake heaven. Everyone who works there (as well as the other interns) is so nice and so much fun to work with. I've done crumb coating and cupcake decorating (and baking) and cash registering and fondant creating. Well, I didn't actually make any fondant, I just colored some and make some cute little decorations.

I haven't covered a cake in fondant yet, although I did help. And I learned that Satin Ice is difficult to work with. I also did all the other fun intern stuff like washing dishes and sweeping and inventory-ing. ;) But it's still worth it.

So if you live in my area, you gotta stop by sometime and dry one of their delicious (and beautiful) creations!

And while I'm not working or hanging out with my friends or sleeping, I am still baking. Like those brownies. An imperfect, labor-intensive, yummy little dessert. The ganache was too soft but I couldn't freeze them because then the caramel was too hard. The turtle brownies were easier to cut when I froze them, and I just used a little heart-shaped cookie cutter to do it, and then put the melted caramel between the two little layers and doused them with semi-sweet chocolate.  :)