Con-GRAD-ulations! :)

(That was a purposeful spelling mistake. If you check the cake, I obviously know how to spell congratulations! ;) )

Sorry for the delay, but I finally downloaded the pictures off my sister's camera of the graduation cake. One of my sister's friend's mom's asked me last month to make a graduation cake for her son and daughter-in-law. (I made her daughter's birthday cake last year.) I was really worried about this cake because I just started working the week before it was due. Would I have time to make it? Would everyone like it? Would the gumpaste melt in this humidity?!

Good news all around! I have enough free time to make the cake which was received warmly, and the gumpaste survived this Georgia summer! 

The decorations were all gumpaste and buttercream. I used a dome-shaped measuring cup (greased up with lots of Crisco) to model the cap, and a thoroughly cleaned up Play-Doh clay gun to do the tassel (normally, I wouldn't use Play-Doh products for food, but 1.) Play-Doh is non-toxic, and 2.) no one was going to eat the gumpaste anyway). I just eye-balled the diploma to get a rectangle shape. Sometimes, you just gotta get creative when working with gumpaste! The cake was yellow, and I used the cake I made myself last year as the inspiration. I think the little graduation caps along the boarder is my favorite part.

In the end, my worries were for naught, and this festive little cake turned out beautifully. As Ms. Brown told me on my Facebook page:
The graduation cake was awesome and very good. You got a lot of compliments and people could not believe that you were a teenager. They thought I bought it at a bakery.
I'm so glad that everyone enjoyed it and that in my own little way, I could help celebrate this happy occasion!