Duff Love

Bakerella, I love you.

Why? First of all, because you make adorable cake pops. Secondly, because you live in my favorite city (the ATL) and we shop at the same cake store, and third, because of this post.

Turns out Cake Boss is hosting a cake decorating competition. Yeah, I'm toying with the idea of entering. It would mess with my school schedule though, so that's the one draw back. But seriously, how freaking cool would that be?! I know I've got some skills, I'm told that I'm talented, and I've won competitions before... maybe not baking ones, but how 'bout that second place certificate for winning the Medical Terminology Spelling Bee in 11th grade, eh?

I know that doesn't count. But I still make cool cakes, right?

Anyway, I'm equally, if not more, excited about Duff's new line of products. And I say more excited because a) they're avaliable at Michael's, and b) I don't have to compete with anyone to buy them. (Instant gratification ftw!) Hopefully. Who knows how high the demand will be?

He makes his own fondant. I bet it's expensive. I also bet that it tastes better than the other fondant that Michael's sells.

Ohmygoodness. When is this avaliable in stores? I know I'm babysitting today, but I'm gonna have to drag my brothers out to the shopping center with me. Good thing I haven't spent all my hard-earned pay checks yet!