Gorgeous Cupcake Liners

Now we all know that with that advent of trendy cupcakes, comes trendy cupcake liners. And most of the cupcake liners I've seen are either of the paper variety, or the wrapper variety. I think the wrappers are really cute and creative (I've worked with them at Bliss before), but they are an extra step in the process.

The problem with paper wrappers is that sometimes (especially with a dark cake, like chocolate) you can't see the pattern very well...

Problem solved!

My friend Melanie also made cupcakes for Vannida's party on Saturday. She made some amazing red velvet in the cutest cupcake liners (see above picture). They're lined with foil so that they "stay vibrant when baked" (I'm quoting Reynolds here). Even though I had never even heard of Reynolds StayBrite fashion-inspired cupcake liners before Melanie used them, I now think they are the coolest thing ever.

So thank you, Melanie, for opening my eyes to a cool and fashionable cupcake accessory! :)

Oh, and you can buy them here if you can't find them at the local supermarket.