Lemon, uh, Cupcakes

(Adam, uh, gave me the suggestion for today's title. He wants me to hurry up and post it so he can read it, in case you were wondering!)

Well it may not be the most patriotic batch of cupcakes, but I had been meaning to try this flavor combo, and today's holiday presented the perfect opportunity. Holidays and cupcakes go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding.

I made blueberry cream cheese icing (it's super sweet, but still yummy) and lemon cupcakes. How summery is that? And I think the liners (from Cake Art) are simply the cutest!

Since I made the cupcakes so long ago and froze them, I was afraid they'd be dry.  Well a whole bunch of lemon-extract-flavored simple syrup prevented that problem. Were they a little too moist? Maybe. But, hey, who wants a dry cupcake?!

They'd be a lot better with fresh blueberries on top, right? We have trees (bushes?) in our backyard but the crop was awful this year. And by awful I mean nonexistent. But you take what you can get sometimes, I suppose. And we had apple pie (at Publix, we made seventy apple pies yesterday alone. What's more American than apple pie on Independence Day?! Except maybe cupcakes and fireworks) and tons of grilled food and guacamole and Varsity leftovers. So we didn't starve without our berries. :)

I hope everyone else had a beautiful and blessed day too!

And check back on Tuesday for a snapshot of what our July 4th looked like four years ago...