National Hot Dog Day

Hot dogs have nothing to do with cakes. Unless, of course, you make a hot dog cake. Which is an entirely plausible thing to do. I didn't make one though. Did you?

I wish I had something cool and amazing to blog about today. Last week I helped make a Trans Am cake at Bliss which was awesome. And I worked 2 days in a row there, so I was in cake heaven. But for now, I'm cakeless. I've got a vanilla sheet cake and a chocolate pound cake that I'm making later in the week, and you'll see pictures soon enough. I'm also working on my YouTube show (YouTube? What?! Doesn't everybody and their grandma have a YouTube show by now?? Probably. But I don't. Yet. ...Stay tuned!) but more about that another day.

Today I'm just going to babysit my brother, force them to watch all the cake shows we have on TiVo (Ace of Cakes, DC Cupcakes, and Bakery Bunch) and eat hot dogs.

But hey, looks like somebody else made a hot dog cake!

Lucky girl. I wish I could meet Duff!