Peanut Butter and Ladies

I could tell you that I'm going to stop quoting Will Ferrell movies, but let's be honest, I'll probably never stop. I can't help it; his movies are so funny.

The other day, my best friend (you know, she had the Jeopardy cake, and told me to make the Hogwarts castle and I'm making her a disaster cake...soon) suggested that we make peanut butter cupcakes. So we did! Best. Idea. Ever.

Nobody ever called me a good food photographer. But
look at that chocolate filling!
She found a recipe for the cupcakes, I found a recipe for the peanut (butter)² cream, and we bought chocolate fudge as the filling because, really, it was a lot less work than making our own chocolate fudge. (Except my little brother didn't like it. But whatever.)

My family was pretty excited that they actually got some cupcakes of their own this time, because the last cupcakes I made were for a party and therefore off-limits. My mom in particular loooooved them. Except for the part where we cooked them a little too long and the bottoms burned. =( Because, seriously, other than that, they were PERFECT.