Stars and Stripes... And Sparklers

I may not have made a July 4th cake this year, but that doesn't mean I've never made one before! When I first started decorating cakes for real (about 5 years ago), I made this awesome little flag cake. I say it was awesome because-- even though the icing was canned, and the red was pinkish, and i used that old-school-cover-everything-with-little-stars decorating approach-- I had 50 stars and 13 stripes and it took forever to pipe but...just look for yourself!

I was a dorky little freshman, wasn't I? At least the cake's cute

And more recently (2? 3 years ago? Ah, I don't remember!),  I made this star-shaped number. Again, a fairly basic cake, compared to my most recently fondant-y, detail-oriented creations. But it was cute and we stuck a bunch of sparklers in it to celebrate.

The pan wasn't big enough. Obviously I hadn't discovered cake boards yet. :)

Hope everyone had an enjoyable July 4th this year Maybe next year I'll do something along the lines of those cute cupcakes I made last year?