Baked in Atlanta

I work at Bliss, a wonderful new (is 6 months old still considered new?) bakery located in the suburbs of Atlanta. But Bliss isn't the only bakery out there, and I have a goal to visit all of these other cupcakery/bakery places in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. It was something I wanted to do this summer, but alas, summer's over and I didn't make it to a single one. Next summer, however, is a different story.

Thanks to a list on Cupcakes Take the Cake and my own searching on Google (plus some of Bakerella's posts), I have compiled this list of places to visit. And one day, one day soon, I'll be able to add my own personal bakery to the list, and it will be glorious.

Expect reviews of these places next year. In the meantime, what do you think makes a bakery or cupcake shop awesome and memorable?