Cake Ballz

My roommate Joy and I made cake balls last night. I'm sure they're delicious (I haven't tried them yet but I saw Joy sneak a few) but they are really, really cute. Plus, they're red velvet, so how can they not be amazing??

Recognize those sprinkles? They're from the confetti cake I made last March. My other sprinkles could not compete.

Except the snowflakes, buuuuut, it's August, so that might be jumping the gun a little bit.

The colors really popped too, which you can't really see in the picture with my old school 4-years-old camera, but just trust me. :-)

Next up is sugar cookies, and then we're going to box them up and deliver them to our new neighbors (all fellow SLU students) and other people whom we like and/or want to get on their good side. ;)