Captain of Surprise

This is Captain Rex. I have no idea who he is, actually. He's the Star Wars dude on Adam's lunchbox, but my knowledge of Star Wars doesn't extend much past Princess Leia's cool hair and how much fun it is to have Light Saber duels. (I know, kinda tragic, but I'm more of a Harry Potter geek myself, and I only have enough time to dedicate to one epic pop culture phenomenon, so...)

That's LEGO Rex. He doesn't really pertain to the story except that I think he's kinda cool. LEGO is awesome, hands down. One day, I'm gonna make a LEGO cake. But I'm getting sidetracked...

Speaking of cake!

Adam wants a Captain Rex cake for his birthday (it won't look like this one). I wish I could do a 3D standing up version of the cap'n, instead of the flat, sheet cake version he requested. For a 7th birthday, I think that would totally rock his world. (Just picture that action figure guy in cake form. Your world would be rocked too.)

Unfortunately, I've never made a 3D person-standing-up cake, and I don't have all the pipes and wires and plywood that other fancy bakeries do. All I know is that Rex's blaster is supposed to be pointed down like a 7 (because Adam's turning 7! Get it?! The kid's a genius).

The best part, though, is not the cake. Adam doesn't know it yet, but his birthday conveniently falls during a school break, so my whole family is driving down to Florida to visit me that week!

Adam still thinks I'm going to FedEx his cake to him, but he'll get it in person next weekend!