Hello From Florida!

Just a quick update to say that I haven't died or anything, but I DID have a broken wireless connection in my snazzy new apartment, so it felt like I had died because I couldn't get on Facebook or Blogger or even my school e-mail account.

But I'm here now and my roomie and I totally have plans to make sugar cookies and cake balls later this week to share with all our new neighbors. I gotta say, college is WAY better when you have an apartment with a fully stocked kitchen.

I have my own section for my baking supplies, so they're not all crammed into my bedroom closet like at home. And I brought my baby (the kitchenaid stand mixer) and my fondant and gumpaste supplies and extracts and flour... it's great.

Seriously, though, I'll have pictures of delicious baked goods and awesome apartment pics to share later. I got homework to do!