I Feel Famous!

I was Googling "nerdy cupcakes"-- just for ideas, ya know? I'm a nerd, I love cupcakes (oooooh! More about geeky baking later!!!) and I figured other people did too.

The top result I got was on Geekpadshow.com, which has apparently moved to Geek Culture, but whatever their website is called, they have an article about 20 Nerdy Cupcakes.

And out of nowhere, this picture shows up, with a link to this website (which then finally links here), and I jump up and shout "THOSE ARE MY CUPCAKES!"

Seriously. That just made my day. I know it's kind of random and obscure, but I love my Harry Potter cupcakes, and I love that someone else out there (I'm talking to you, Geoffrey Golden!) loves them too.

So this post is to all those nerds out there with a sweet tooth. I promise you more nerdicious baked good soon!