In Which I Buy Stuff at Bliss for my Birthday

My birthday is on Monday, and I gotta make a cake. Or do I? What if I made cupcakes?

What if I made both?

I'm going to use this handy-dandy cupcake display (sorry for the terrible quality picture. My webcam really let me down this time. Tsk, tsk) in order to display cupcakes. And a 6" cake on the top. 

And I'm going to use these handy-dandy supplies to do it (among other things which I already own, like white sprinkles, fondant, and pink buttercream. Er, I don't own the pink buttercream. Yet.).

I got a sunflower/daisy cutter set--which I LOVE--and pink luster dust (for the aforementioned daisies), and black sprinkles.

Still need ribbon to go around the cupcake stand (that was Shelley's idea--brilliant!) and cupcake liners. I'm thinking silver, unless I can find 4 dozen of these liners.

I'm not sure which flavors to do yet. Definitely chocolate, but I wanted one or two other flavors. Something like, one flavor for each cupcake design, and then a third flavor for the cake on top.

So leave your flavor suggestions in the comment box below or on my Facebook page!