Recipes and Reviews

From left to right: Cookies & Cream; Mint Chocolate; Cookies & Cream again :)

Just wanted to share the delicious recipes that I made for my birthday cake.

Both recipes came from the blog, How To Eat A Cupcake, which is a pretty adorable blog, who's author (Cassie) is opening a bakery. So her other blog, Flour Child Bakery, is a favorite of mine to read too!

Back to the recipes though. First is the Mint Chocolate Chip. I added waaay more Andes chips (instead of chocolate chips) than Cassie's recipe called for. I used a cup, not 1/2 cup. And I didn't have chocolate milk either, so I used 2%. Whole would've been better, but I was working with what I had. And I only got  16 cupcakes out of the recipe.

I made a mint buttercream icing as well. I sub'd the vanilla & almond extracts in my recipe for peppermint extract. The icing tasted like those buttery after dinner mints, if you know what I'm talking about. Not too minty, but just enough that it was delicious.

For the second recipe, I used this Cookies & Cream, and I pretty much followed the recipe exactly, except that instead of 24 cupcakes, I made 12 cupcakes, and then a 2 layer 6" cake. And instead of reserving some Oreos for the buttercream, I put them all in the batter.

And for the review part, I just want to say that Duff's fondant (or should I say Fondarific?) is amazing. Yeah, it's really expensive, but it smells great, it rolls out nicely, it doesn't tear, and it covers cake beautifully. Oh, and it tastes good too. :) So my only complaint is the price. Go out and buy some.

I got a bunch of awesome baking stuff as gifts, including Duff texture tiles & cake graffiti. I'm sooo looking forward to using them. Reviews of that coming later, but I can already tell they're products I'll love!