(Mis)Adventures in Cookies

Remember that awesome mixing bowl set I bought Adam for his birthday?

It becomes a lot less awesome if you're out of parchment paper, flour, and all of the staples that you normally have at your disposal while making cookies.

Adam and I made the Toy Story 3 cookies at the beach condo where my family's spending vacation. I spent Sunday night with them, then my dad drove me back to school the next morning. I forgot how much I love going to the beach with my crazy, chaotic, lovable family.

But I digress! The cookies turned out to be a semi-disaster. Since we didn't have flour, and the cookie dough stuck to everything (including my Sil-Pin. Sigh), I thought, "maybe we'll just bake some round cookies, and then right after we take the cookies out of the oven, then I'll use the cutters on them."

I seriously appreciate Adam putting up with me. He would eat the raw cookie dough, though, because it said not to on the package. Well, more for me.

After I cut out the cookies, and everyone ate all the scraps (and I mean ALL), I gave Adam the little tubes of icing so he could decorate.

Please ignore my awful beach hair in the background... Look! A cute kid holding a tube of icing!

And that's why I love this particular gift, because he had fun squirting icing all over the cookies (except for Slinky, but none of those cookies turned out) and then eating them.

I'm sure if I was in my own home kitchen surrounded by familiar pots and pans, the cookies would've been perfect. But as it was, the memories will still be perfect. ;o)