Peach Cake Balls

And so the saga of peach-flavored desserts continues.

This time we have cake balls. I just used up the leftover cupcakes that I had frozen (they were the cupcakes that were falling apart and I didn't want to deal with the hassle of trying to decorate them) and the cream cheese frosting in the fridge.

I did have to buy white chocolate, though. Blegh. I'm not a fan of white chocolate, but it was, as they say in Applied Decision Making Methods class (aka the math class that isn't advertised as a math class so you sign up for it oh-so-naively [plus they expect you to remember everything from stat, but you don't and you need this stupid class to graduate]), the "best alternative."

For half of the cake balls, I sprinkled them with orange sprinkles, and the other half with cinnamon. I like the sprinkles better, but since there was actually cinnamon in the cake, it would make sense to use it as a garnish too. Also, my roommate doesn't like sprinkles. (Weird, right?)

I really, really think that these cake balls would also be superbly amazing if I had used pumpkin cake instead of peach. Since fall is coming up, that would be a great recipe to try. Although I'll make pumpkin cake for any occasion year-round.