So attempt #1 at Peach Cupcakes was kinda sorta a delicious failure.

I say failure because a) I added too much leavening (baking powder) because the recipe told me. I was outsmarted by a recipe. Gah!

And b) I sorta burned the top of them. So not only is the middle sunken (thanks to the overleavening), but the outside is really crunchy.

They might have fallen because I kept opening the oven to check on them too. But either way, they taste very yummy and the fresh peaches in them are amazing (I think if the peaches had been a little bit overripe--just a little!--they would be perfect. Also, I cut them up into little cubes, but I think big peach chunks would taste good too).

This is not my last attempt at making peach cupcakes, and I plan on finding a creamy, summery frosting to top them off with, so stay tuned for more!