Cupcakes for Life

Cupcakes for Life is a once-a year-program (on October 9th) to promote awareness for pro-life issues, most specifically abortion. The website asks, "What's worse than being in 3rd grade and not having anyone celebrate your birthday? Not being allowed to be born!"

So the basic premise is that everyone bakes cupcakes, and gives them away for free, in honor and memory of the millions of children who will never be born. I made them with the Imago Dei club on campus and we put pro-life messages on the little cuppies like "YAY BABIES" and "Life is precious."

On Friday during lunch, we gave away 110 cupcakes, along with some flyers, to bring awareness on campus.

And guess what? It was a huge success! And even though 110 cupcake seems like a lot (4 box mixes, 4 cans of icing, a whole dozen eggs...), they were given out very quickly. So next year we gotta kick it up a notch!

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and it was a great cause. I'm so proud that I was able to help bring this nationwide program to my little corner of the world. Yay babies!