Banana Chocolate Cake Balls

Hello, everyone! It's your favorite MIA baker, back with some more tasty tidbits!

Just wanted to share my recent cake ball shenanigans... banana chocolate!

Sorry about the crappy pictures...they were taken with my camera phone and/or a webcam. I wasn't prepared with my real camera because I was dog/house sitting with my roomie, and the cake ball thing was sorta spontaneous. I said "hey, doesn't banana cake balls covered in chocolate sound amazing??" and she said "we're going grocery shopping!" We turned on some Christmas music, and it happened just like that.

And I know you're excited to know what my recipe is, so let me share it with you:

A box of banana bread (I used whichever brand didn't have walnuts in it, since roomie is allergic...Pillsbury, according to the picture below), 2 bananas, chocolate almond bark, cream cheese icing, and yellow sprinkles. The sprinkles are the important ingredient, of course.

Just follow the recipe on the box (honestly, homemade banana bread would've been 100000x better, but sometimes you gotta work with what you have) and add 2 sliced up bananas to the batter for a better banana-y flavor. I suppose if you want to add walnuts, you can.

I used a cream cheese frosting to mix it up with, but you really don't need a lot, because banana bread is already really moist.

Finally, dip it in the melted chocolate almond bark. Or get all fancy and use legit tempered chocolate. I really wish I had the knowledge and patience to make tempered chocolate, because the almond bark just isn't cutting it for me. I'm sorry I'm such a chocolate snob, and if you want to continue to use almond bark, by all means do. I probably will be too, until I get my own bakery, and then I'm bringing out the big guns.

Just a picture of me being silly.