DC Cupcakes

No, I'm not talking about the TV show. Although I guess I sort of am. OK let me rephrase that: I'm not talking about just the TV show. The DC area does have more than one bakery/cupcakery.

The first full day I had in DC, my cousin took us (me and her two adorable kids) to Cakelove at the mall. I tried the peppermint chocolate cupcake there and it was yummy. Cousin Hartley had the vanilla with chocolate icing, and if the icing smeared all over her face was any indication, she loved hers too.

Then, we all went to Georgetown Cupcakes the next day. Yup, the Georgetown Cupcakes of DC Cupcakes fame. And you know what? They were filming when we went, and the guy holding the release forms thought my baby cousin was so cute, they might put her in the show! :) How cute is that? So if you see a sweet little blonde girl on the show, that's my baby cousin! And I'm wearing a Gryffindor scarf, so I might be in the background somewhere too.

Let me tell you about their cupcakes though! The Key Lime was great...I wasn't expecting too much since KL can either be done really, really well or really, really badly. And I've had amazing KL cupcakes before, so I know what I'm talking about. I guess I was just expecting the cupcakes to be over-hyped, but trust me, they are so worth the hype. The chocolate squared cupcake was awesome too, I LOVED the icing on that one. I also tried vanilla birthday cake, gingerbread, red velvet, and white chocolate peppermint. The WCP was really good too, and even had white chocolate chips baked into the cupcake.

The whole shop was cute and definitely matched the cupcakes as far as impressiveness goes. The liners and boxes and stickers and bags all had Georgetown logos or colors on them, and everything was either shiny chrome or pink. The white Christmas tree with pink ornaments (and yes, even some cupcake ornaments) was cute too!

So if you happen to get to Georgetown Cupcakes and you get there early enough in the day so that there's not a line (they open at 10 on Saturdays), definitely pick up some cupcakes.

And for the record, I didn't eat 6 whole cupcakes...I just had a bite or two from each one. And I know you're expecting me to say this, so I will: Don't forget to vote! :)