Betty Cakes

I love decorating cakes. I could do it all day long, and in fact, some days, I do decorate them all day long. Or at least as soon as I get out of class until the bakery I work at (it's called Betty Cakes, if the post title didn't clue you in ;)) closes. Mostly I make "counter cakes" which are the standard cakes that are sold to the general public, and occasionally birthday cakes. I did make a 2-tier wedding cake a couple weeks into starting the job, but nothing too crazy.

That's where the faux cakes come in. Decorators pretty much have creative freedom to do whatever they want with the styrofoam cake dummies (as long as it's awesome, of course), and since the shop is decorated for autumn, I made an autumn-themed wedding cake, complete with gold basket weave, roses, and fondant acorns. It's so pretty... :)

I love my job!