Airbrush Machine!

So today I finally got the Duff airbrush machine that I've been talking about since July.  Finally!!

I can't believe the darn thing has been out of stock for so long, and I'm sure the employees at Michaels who answer the phone are tired of me asking all the time if they have it in yet. Over the weekend, though, I called 3 different stores and they all had it!!

(Insert obnoxious fangirl screaming here)

And the best part (other than actually owning an airbrush machine now)? They still took my coupon! I had a 50% coupon stapled to a raincheck I got from the Michael's back home with a note from the manager saying "please take this coupon" because, well obviously, I wanted to use it on something they claimed was in stock but really wasn't. (If that run-on sentence made any sense.) And 3 months later, the super nice employees at the Michaels in Florida hooked me up!

I also bought a pearl luster spray to use. I wasn't sure which colors to get, and at $5 each, they're a little pricey. I wonder if I can get the Americolor airbrush colors at a cheaper price and bundled together? (And if there's any place in Pasco county, FL that sells cake decorating supplies. The closest store I found was in the south Tampa area.) Also, can you use gel paste that's been watered down, with water or vodka or anything like that? I'm pretty sure that you can use luster dust/vodka mixed. Honestly, I don't know much about airbrushing but I'm so excited to learn. If you have any tips or suggestions or products I can use, let me know! I already found some really cool stencils in the paint aisle at Michaels that I want to get. There was a zebra pattern that would look wicked cool on the side of a cake.

Oh, the possibilities!!