Experimenting with Royal Icing

So my goal today was to work on my business plan for entrepreneurship class and write my elevator pitch which is due Monday. But when I started looking up prices for bakeries (which is totally confusing and a lot of work), I got distracted by pretty cake pictures.

After looking at like a billion wedding cakes on Martha Stewart's website, I had to stop looking, and starting doing...something. Anything! I needed to be creative. I considered baking something, but there wasn't enough instant gratification in that, so I whipped up a small batch of royal icing and decided to tackle the Lambeth technique, Oriental string work, and bridgework, and whatever else I could do with royal icing.

Guess what? It was surprisingly a lot easier than I though it would be, but still a) time consuming and b)  I wasn't really shooting for perfection anyway, I just wanted to grasp the basic concepts. If I was trying to be perfect, then I would've been super frustrated. First of all, I can't get my loops to all be consistent sizes. So that's the first thing I'm going to work on. Also, when I make scrolls, it's so hard to go over the lines exactly. And then I kept breaking everything with my clumsy hands. Oh, and I think my icing consistency wasn't stiff enough, since my bridgework was droopy. :(

Anyway, here's some visual evidence of what I did tonight instead of homework:

This is some form of Oriental Stringwork. Thank you to Mel for your tutorial to get me started! (And random C-scrolls!)

Droopy bridgework :(

More stringwork! I love this effect. Gravity defying!
Just fooling around with some icing. Some kind of attempt at Lambeth, I think. I wish I had his book! My inspiration here.
 ...And yes, I realize that I need to dig up my camera and charge the battery because these webcam & camera phone pics just aren't cutting it!