New Toys!

So like I said yesterday, I bought an airbrush machine. And today I went back to Michael's and bought the new Wilton gumpaste flower kit (I have the old one already). While it's not as awesome as some of the gumpaste cutters I've used in the past (you know, like the awesome--and expensive--metal cutters) I'm still pleasantly surprised with what I got. Plus, I used a 40% off coupon, so it was a deal, and that makes me happy. I also bought the impression mat (and some cupcake boxes that were on clearance; no comment on my spending habits, please).

Anyway, I used the rose cutters first, just because I've had the most practice with roses and I've already done that whole learning curve thing. I need to learn how to make lilies (preferably before this weekend) but they don't look too difficult, so I'll save that for tomorrow or Wednesday.

But the real reason I played around with gumpaste flowers tonight (other than practicing for a wedding cakes this weekend) was so that I could finally try out my airbrush machine!

I bought some pearlized stuff (these are all technical terms, obviously) since I couldn't pick one color and all that (note to self: buy Americolor airbrush color 12 pack) but the pearl looks so gorgeous when I sprayed in on the flowers.

See what I mean?

Gorgeous! Not the best picture, I know, but can you see what I'm getting at? Anyway, it's way better than the time I tried to paint luster dust on flowers. And just think about how cool my snitch cake balls would've looked with gold airbrushed all over them?