The Airbrushing Class

I don't think I ever uploaded my blog post about the airbrushing class I took a couple months ago. It. Was. Awesome! :D The class was in Ocala, though, so that was kind of a bummer. It was a two hour drive from and we got super lost.

But once we finally made it to the class, it was so worth it. I learned about the different brands of airbrushes (and decided I loved my Duff version. Sure it's not the best out there, but it definitely works for my little projects. When I open up my own place, then I can look into getting one of those fancy brands).

We played with different colors, and learned how to do different techniques and textures, like covering an entire cake in one color, or using a stencil to do a pattern.

And I got to make a really big mess and my mom wasn't around to yell at me. ;-)

Since taking the class, I haven't really done any big airbrushing projects, aside from putting shimmer on some little details of cakes (I'll have to put pictures of those up later). But I definitely feel more confident using my airbrush than I did before the class!

The class was taught by the lovely ladies at Simi Cakes at Icing on the Cake in Ocala, FL. :)