Nutella Cake Balls Recipe

A few weeks ago, I finally got around to trying nutella flavored cake balls. They were pretty amazing, and I'm also pretty sure that's my new favorite flavor (sorry, red velvet!)

And all of you lucky readers can have my recipe...

All you need is a chocolate cake (already baked and cooled and crumbled up into little pieces, of course), a jar of nutella, and chocolate coating/almond bark/tempered chocolate (your choice; I was lazy so I went with the almond bark but I'm pretty sure tempered dark chocolate would've been amazingggg).

You make these cake balls as you would any other, except you use nutella instead of frosting, and the secret is to microwave the nutella for a bit first so that it gets a little runnier. That way it's easier to mix in with the cake crumbs.

And once you've smushed your ingredients together, rolled them up into little balls, and dipped them in chocolate, you're good to go! Now all you've got to do is hide them from everyone, or else there won't be any left by the time you get home from school the next day :P