Zombie Gingerbread Men Take Over the World

Yeah, I went a little crazy with this one. But to be fair, it wasn't just me. My brother helped, and my dad bought what I'm pretty sure was the entire stock of candy at Kroger. So. Much. Chocolate!

The funny thing is that I finally bought that awesome gingerbread house book to make professional, architecturally sound houses this season, and I ended up using those Wilton cutters like I always do. (I've definitely gotten my money's worth from them!) It probably has something to do with the fact that you've got to enlarge the "blueprints" that come in the book, and I don't have a blueprint enlarger just laying around my house, and I was much too lazy to go to a store that does that kind of thing. Also it was New Year's Eve and I didn't feel like leaving the house especially if everything was closed anyway.

But anyway: Zombies! Even if I was using a standard cookie cutter house (eh, eh, see what I did there??) I wanted to make something fun and creative. So just a few gingerbread men with crazy eyes and a lot of blood-red royal icing later, I had a zombie battle straight out of The Walking Dead. ...Maybe not that intense, but there were a lot of zombies climbing over that Hershey's bar fence!