My baby sister turned 18 and all she got was this awesome cake

Happy birthday, Katie!

This is the story of how I created a beautiful cake without my giant pantry full of cake decorating supplies, and successfully made it both delicious and delicious-looking.

The only problem (apparently) was that we had French vanilla cake mix in the house and being the efficient and non-wasteful person that I am (or lazy), I decided to use that mix. Even though Katie wanted chocolate cake. But I made her chocolate buttercream!
So this hand mixer is as old as my parents' marriage. But it still works! Mostly.

I tried to make zebra stripes in the cake itself, but I think I might need to work on my technique a little more. And also I used green-dyed cake batter, as opposed to white and chocolate cake it looked less zebra-y than it should've.

But, hey, it still looks good! Right?! And I even found flowery candles at Kroger, so my sister's love of all things flora shines through with this cake, as well as her love of chocolate.

And as a postscript to the title, she did get more than just this awesome cake. But I still thought it was a good blog post title anyway. So there.