The Hunger Games

Guess who got to make the cake for the premier of one of the hottest, most anticipated movies of 2012? (If I sound biased, it's because I am.) Me, of course! ;P

The local movie theater asked Betty Cakes if they wanted to make a cake for the midnight premier of The Hunger Games, and as the resident Hunger Games fan, I was asked to design and decorate the dummy cake to be displayed. Yay

It took me about five hours to decorate the four tier dummy cake, and although it wasn't as perfect as I wanted it to be (like, I ran out of gray fondant, so I kinda had to MacGyver the bottom tier), and the medallion on the top of the cake broke at some point before the movie started, so I had to make another one a couple days later. I was so disappointed when that happened! I don't know if the buttercream "glue" just didn't hold and it slid off, or if someone touched it and it broke that way, but either way, it's a little heart breaking when the cake you made falls apart, even a little bit.

Other than that, though, I believe the cake was a big hit, and the sheet cake slices that we made at Betty Cakes and gave away for free were a big hit. Who knew movie theaters were such great promotional locations for bakeries? The downside was that they ran out of cake so quickly that my roommate and I, who were attending the movie premiere, didn't even get a slice!