Courtney's Cake

Who needs to study for finals when there are birthday cakes to be made?

OK, so maybe that's not the best logic in the world, but with only a few days until graduation, I didn't exactly have my priorities in order. And it wasn't just a cake for anybody. And I only had one final left anyway.

Ah, rationalizing.

So this delicious (if I do say so myself) red velvet cake is carved into a Tampa Bay Lightnings jersey, which combines two of Courtney's loves. (And, by the way, she is the biggest Lightning fan I've ever met, which is awesome, because hockey is awesome. I just wish Atlanta still had a team...sad day.) And if you weren't able to figure it out, the cake was for her 21st, hence the big 21 on the jersey and all.

In hindsight, the sleeves aren't exactly even, but I'm hoping I'm the only one who noticed (until I pointed it out to all of you),  and the Lightning logo probably could've been bigger, too, but that's what I get for doing something last minute.

One day I'll learn to stop procrastinating. Just not today.

Ooooh! And I got to use my airbrush machine too! The fondant I colored was a bit too light, so I mixed up my own airbrush color and just did a bunch of layers of color until it darkened up to the lovely blue that you see in the picture. Definitely enjoyed the practice. I also learned that you gotta be super careful when you put your fondant accents on top of your airbrushed fondant, because if you drip any water or gum glue or whatever you're using on the fondant, it makes the color run. And that's bad.

So there's my advice for the day! And happy birthday again to Courtney! :-)