tye dye cookies

I love playing with colors, especially when there's icing involved. So when my mom asked me if I'd make cookies for my brother's disco-themed end of the year party at school, I immediately thought: tie-dye.

So my first venturing into the world of tie-dyed sugar cookies was both a huge mess and a great success. I say it was a huge mess because I had six different colors of royal icing in zip lock bags with a little corner snipped off, and there was no way to get the icing from the bag to the cookie without also getting it all over the everything else. (Shout out to Katie for helping me finish the cookies at one in the morning!)

But basically what I did was take the icing, which was a drippy consistency, as I learned from Cookie Craft, and randomly drop it on the cookies, then swirl it around a bit with a toothpick. So it was pretty psychedelic. 

For future cookies, I'll probably go back to using a squeeze bottle, instead of zip lock bags (I was too lazy to find some) and get some electric gel paste colors from Americolor. Now THAT would be fabulous!

I've even played around some with blending buttercream icing together, like this cake I made at Betty Cakes many weeks back. I love how the purple/blue/green blended together. The orange/purple and the green/pink, not so much, but this is something I want to look into more, because if I had placed all the colors together correctly, I think I could've made them all blend together in one beautiful rainbow of a cake.

I know this is weird, but even though I hate cleaning out icing bags (it's just so messy and greasy and colorful), when my hands (and, admittedly everything else) were all covered in a bajillion different icing colors, it looked so colorful and beautiful in a weird, avant garde sort of way.

Also, painting with royal icing: Is that a thing? Does it sound as awesome to you as it does to me? I need to find some painting classes to sign up for.