Happy birthday to me!

My birthday cake this year wasn't anything too grand or exciting, because my work schedule was a little crazy and I didn't have time to plan anything over the top, but I did make a cute little strawberry/lemon cake and some cake balls for my birthday party. And since it was my 21st birthday, afterall, I dressed the cake up with some limoncello and strawberry vodka. Also, I made cake pops. Because everybody loves cake pops.

And of course I did the rosette style on the cake, because a) it's really super fast and easy, and b) it looks really pretty! So everyone wins! And I tried to do an ombre thing, but it was a bit of a rushed job and (don't tell anyone) I used canned frosting. I KNOW! I'm ashamed to even admit it. I wanted to make an IMBC, but I just ran out of time. It took 3 cans of frosting to do that 8" cake, though. Crazy, right? It still tasted good, though. :)