Chocolate Festival

Chocolate fashion show, anyone?
I had the opportunity this weekend to go to the Festival of Chocolate at MOSI in Tampa. I had never even heard of this festival before, until I saw it on a billboard a few weeks earlier! I'm glad I was able to pop in for a couple of hours, though, because this event was cool.

There were samples, live competitions, chocolate and wine tastings, vendors, nifty science-y facts... Lots going on. Unfortunately I had to work during most of the events, but I hope to be able to attend and get more involved next year.

The event seems like a sweet precursor to what will hopefully be a very sweet 2014. (Puns intended.) This weekend is the ICES mini classes in Orlando, and I am way too excited for my own good to be driving so far out of my way. :-) And I'm hoping to hit up one or two cake decorating competitions to get that experience under my belt. (Strawberry Festival? Central Florida Fair? Who knows! I'll do them all!)

But if you're in Tampa around the end of January next year, I'd recommend stopping by The Festival of Chocolate. Maybe I'll even see you there!

And shout out to Grant for getting me to the festival this year!

What's not to love?

One of the vendors brought some display cakes. So gorgeous!

I'm a sucker for cute aprons!