Happy Birthday to Me!

I got a nice little surprise for my birthday this year: a birthday cake!

As a cake decorator, I certainly don't mind making my own birthday cake. After all, it's what got me into cake decorating in the first place: I wanted to make awesome cakes for my birthday! But it's also a nice treat when someone else gets me a cake, whether they buy it or make me one. Even if they don't really know how to decorate! ;)

This year, my boyfriend make me a cake. Although it wasn't a total surprise, since he came over to grab some cake pans and a spatula and to ask me if gel icing or decorating icing was better for the cake (protip: go for the decorating icing. And don't forget to get that little plastic wheel with all the tips on it!) But I didn't get to see the cake until my birthday, so that part was a surprise!

And I was pretty impressed with his "cake wreck!" You should see this guy's handwriting; it's basically chicken scratch, but he did a pretty legible job with that icing bag! (I would've loved to watch him trying to fit all the words on there!) I've definitely had my name spelled wrong all my life (everybody wants to call me Kelsey) so it was a very fitting 'wreck. And I appreciate the homage to all the other literal wrecks out there.  I think the best part, though, was that he really did leave out a letter in my name and had to go back and re-write it!

Also, the cake was delicious. Sure it was a box mix, but you know what? Boxed cake mix is still delicious, and it was baked with love after all! Plus, it's funfetti cake, and you really can't go wrong with sprinkles. And the icing? Cream cheese. It was super tasty AND I didn't have to do any of the work: happy birthday to me!