Decorating a Grocery Store Cake

Decorating Cakes

Upgrading a grocery store cake

I’ve recorded for your viewing pleasure a lapse video of decorating a grocery store cake, specifically two vanilla buttercream iced cakes (5″ and 8″). I turned it into a two tier cake with sugar flowers!

How did I do it???

The cakes were frozen, so I took a bowl of boiling hot water, dipped my offset spatula into it, wiped off the water, and slowly scraped off all the colorful icing until I was left with the base coating of white buttercream.

Then I stacked the cake, inserted the sugar flowers, and voila!

two tier grocery store cake with sugar flowers

Tools I used for decorating the grocery store cake

Smoothie straws can be purchased here:
(I wish I saw the clear ones before I bought the primary color ones!)

The BEST turntable:

My kitchenaid:

Offset spatula:

And here is your video…

Want to see even more videos about cake decorating, Sugar Flowers, and time-lapse? Subscribe to my YouTube channel! I like to think my videos are mostly informative but definitely entertaining.

See you on the channel!

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