how long do sugar flowers last
how long do sugar flowers last

How Long Do Sugar Flowers Last?

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Unlike fresh flowers, sugar flowers are shelf stable and can last for years!

hands cutting out rose petals from rolled out pink gumpaste

They are made from gumpaste, which I make in small batches from scratch before I start creating the flowers. I use tylose powder* in them and I only use the CAI brand because I think it makes the strongest and most stable flowers.

Highlights of Using Tylose Powder:

  • Specially formulated to resist high humidity.
  • Improves freeze and thaw stability of gum paste.
  • Longer shelf life.
  • It acts as a great emulsifier, that helps distribute the fat uniformly and prevents fat from migrating to the surface where it could oxidize and spoil the gum paste.
  • Gluten Free

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Always store Sugar Flowers
in a cool, dry, dark place.

  • Sunlight can fade the colors as well as fluorescent light bulbs
  • If it’s too hot the petals can “wilt” and droop
  • If it’s too cold they can get brittle
  • If it’s too humid, the petals will definitely droop
  • If you don’t keep them in a closed box, they’ll get dusty
  • Check out this blog post for more details about taking care of your flowers.
How Long Do Sugar Flowers Last? These flowers from my wedding in 2018 are still going strong!

And as a testament to the shelf life of sugar flowers, I still have a box of the flowers from my wedding 3 years ago (it’s almost our anniversary!!) and they look just as good as the day after my wedding when I took them all off the dummy cake before we left for our honeymoon.

Final Storage Thoughts

So if you want to keep your sugar flowers for a long time, I recommend storing them in a closed box (the shipping box is great for short term— a few weeks or months— storage) like a rubbermaid tub (I like the Roughneck line), and you can even put desiccant packs* in it to prevent humidity. I’m also testing some clear, UV-protected acrylic boxes. I want to see how the light exposure is affecting the flowers. I’ll keep you posted!

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