#Shortcuts : Make sugar flowers in bulk Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes
#Shortcuts : Make sugar flowers in bulk Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes

#Shortcuts : Make sugar flowers in bulk

Sugar Flower Tutorials

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I’m calling this blog post series #Shortcuts because I’m spilling all the juicy secrets about how I can make so many Sugar Flowers so quickly.

I’ve been learning and making Sugar Flowers since high school (hi, I’m 31 now 👋🏼) and I’m all about the shortcuts that makes things easier, not the shortcuts that make things crappier.

Let’s kick things off with my neurodivergent-friendly way to count petals without getting sidetracked thinking about illegal unpasteurized Brie or milk frothers and having to start counting all over again.

The Stuggle

When I’m making a ton of Sugar Flowers at once, I have a lot of petals to count. The problem is when I lose count and have to start counting all over again. 😭 It’s frustrating and I do not have time for this.

The Solution

Now what I do before starting a big project is to count out all my floral wires first, then I know when I run out of wire that I’ve made enough petals!

The Video

The Follow Up

If you’re struggling to make Sugar Flowers faster, leave me and comment and tell me your woes! I’m always coming up with faster ways to do things and if I can share what’s working with me to make things easier for you, I’m totally game.

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