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White vs. Ivory Gumpaste Flowers

Sugar Flower FAQs

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Color matching just might be the bane of my existence.

Color Matching In Cakes Is An Art, Not A Science

When I first started out as an intern at a local bakery, my job was to color the fondant to match the client’s inspiration.

I had so much trouble getting the color right.

The head cake decorator had gone to pastry school + worked as an artist on the side. She looked at me sweating and frazzled, trying to color match that big blob of fondant, then kindly handed me a bottle of americolor gel.

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I resolved that day (partially because I was infinitely jealous of her and her position as lead decorator) to learn how to color match.

That was almost 15 years ago.

Today? I can immediately tell you if a purple is too warm or too cool. 💜

I also have the hardest time choosing paint colors. And buying lightbulbs.

Natural light is my best friend but Lord only knows how many late nights I spent in my small business early days squinting at color selections. And back then, our apartment lighting was atrocious.

Why Do White Sugar Flowers Look Ivory Though?

Creating white Sugar Flowers is no exception. they can be too cool — too blue and too sterile — or too warm — too yellowed and vintage. (The word patina comes to mind) or too gray and muddied.

Every Sugar Flower is created by me from small-batch handmade gumpaste.

My handmade gumpaste is made on the warmer side. This method uses less color dye, and since nothing on a cake is a Sterile White anyway, the final Sugar Flowers blend perfectly with fondants and buttercreams alike.

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because I don’t run a large industrial manufacturing facility, my flowers won’t be that same bright white shade that you can find other places.

You’ll find Sugar Flowers that have that “true white” shade and they’ll almost exclusively come from a manufacturing facility.

This is certainly an option (especially if you’re buying in bulk to save money) but I like the creamy, artisan quality of my handcolored gumpaste.

woman holding white and gold open rose sugar flower
The white flowers have a soft creaminess to them, which makes the flowers look less commercial and more handcrafted.

Oh, and UV lights? Not your Sugar Flowers’ best friend. Too much exposure (including sunlight!) can cause the gumpaste to turn from white to ivory to yellow. A very vintage yellow.

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The Storage Take Away 

If you leave the white flowers exposed to UV light for too long, the color will become even more ivory so I recommend storing the flowers away from UV light or in an archival-safe container.

This acrylic box is a perfect way to display your Sugar Flowers safely, and comes in a whole bunch of different sizes.

how to store sugar flowers graphic link for download

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