What I learned from making petit fours

  1. A 7" x 7" cake pan is not the best pan to use. (I believe 11" x15" jelly roll is the preferred pan of petit four makers)
  2. Poured fondant is extremely sweet. (Note to self: find a new recipe)
  3. They are very crumbly. I know that freezing them will stop the crumblies, and I did that, but I did not put a layer of buttercream on the top on the petit four to create a smooth surface. Also, I did not use a glaze. Should I use a glaze next time? I could try covering them in fondant while they are still frozen. Because they did have time to thaw out...
  4. Poured fondant should not be boiled. Seriously. Do not do what I did. Do not forget that you have a pot on the stove set to medium filled with poured fondant that shouldn't boil. And if you do accidentally boil the poured fondant because you got distracted by an episode of Drake & Josh that you haven't seen yet, then just throw that stuff out. It won't do you any good to try and pour it over the petit fours at this point.
  5. Rolled fondant looks pretty, but poured fondant makes a better petit four.
  6. Raspberry jelly is yummy.
  7. I used a box mix to make them, and I read online that a denser cake, like a pound cake, should be use. So I shall file that little informational tidbit away for later. (Almond?)
  8. My mom actually liked them, despite the excruciatingly sweet icing.
  9. Next time I will follow Lisa's instructions.
  10. Oh, yes, there will be a next time. Sure, this go around, it was messy, it was bad, it was no where close to perfect. But look at everything that I've learned! I'll do so much better next time. I will learn from these mistakes.
  11. Use a squirt bottle next time? I used a spoon this go-round
  12. And I will use chocolate ganache. Because it just look sooooooo good!!
  13. Maybe white chocolate. (Or not. Because the chocolate is superior!!)

And here are some different tutorials that I will reference in the future

And there you have it. My first experience with petit fours, although by no means my last. Oh! The picture! I almost forgot... Well, they're not pretty, but here they are:

The really white ones have rolled fondant, the others have poured fondant.