I’m here to give you the
elegant, botanically
accurate Sugar Flowers
that your showstopping
cakes deserve

Kelsie Cakes is a boutique Sugar Flower artistry studio, bringing you the confectionery works of art that integrate seamlessly into your cake’s overall aesthetic.

Knowledgeable & Reliable
Helpful. Responsive. Supportive.
Artistically accurate.

how your cake decorating suppliers should be

Forget about generic, mass-produced, same-as-everyone-else, big-box gumpaste flowers:

From gumpaste magnolias and roses, to hydrangeas and dahlias— Get whimsical, handcrafted realism that makes your designer cake look good.

The small business bakery owner feeling overworked & overwhelmed, in the midst of allthethings—The art & science of baking isn’t for the faint of heart … and you’re doing great.

You’ve got high standards for your work.

Work with an experienced sugar artist that will uphold your standards & elevate your cake designs with enchanting, easy-to-order bloomfuls of sugar handcrafted by a professional.

My customer service > Amazon’s customer service. Just sayin’!

Don’t settle for less-than-amazing cake decorations just because your past suppliers let you down.

Hey, you! 

Hey, we’ve all been there.
These curated bundles of Sugar Flowers will save you from hours of cake sketching and flower making.

(Psssst, they’re also ready for shipping!)

Need a quick design? Last minute order?

Modern Magnolia + Leaves

Burgundy Bundle

Teal Bundle

Gardenia + Leaves

You’ll feel totally comfortable decorating the cake with videos and tutorials to take you through every step, from unboxing to the final cake design. It’ll be our little secret about how simple it is to transform a plain cake into an edible work of art.

Kelsie Cakes is the first online Sugar Flower shop to offer a shipping guarantee: if your flowers are damaged during shipping, we’ll figure out together if you need a repair, a replacement, or a refund.

The time-honed techniques of Sugar Flower artistry took centuries to develop
(Regency era balls, anyone?)

You shouldn’t have to tack it on to your
already-busy week of baking.

What you do need is the only online Sugar Flower shop in the cake industry that creates a nature-inspired selection of ready-to-ship and fully custom Sugar Flowers for hardworking and talented bakers such as yourself.

When you work with Kelsie Cakes, you’ll receive expert guidance and reliable packaging to add hours back into your work schedule without compromising your artistic vision.

I’m here to save overwhelmed cake designers from the frustrations of wilted half-forgotten live flowers from unprepared florists— and generic gumpaste toppers hot off the factory conveyor belt while I’m at it. *wink*

You don’t need a team of employees, a Santa-size workshop, or a clone to get everything done for the week.

Your cakes called—
they’re craving handcrafted, nature-inspired Sugar Flowers

Take the quiz! Or, let’s chat to figure out your options.
You’ll save sooo much time and you won’t have to worry
about rolling out gumpaste at 2 a.m.

Can’t decide exactly which flowers your cake needs?

As Seen on...

Lock down an elegant, magazine-worthy look that’s ready for its close-up with these bestselling bride-favorited flowers:

And You’re Baking Your Fair Share Of Em.

We're predicting 2.2 million weddings in the US this year …
That’s a lot of wedding cakes.

Modern Magnolia

Blush Rose

Navy Bundle

The Classic Cascade


“Kelsie went above and beyond to ship this item that I needed ASAP and couldn’t find anywhere else! She was extremely prompt and shipped my item within an hour! I was stunned. She totally saved me. Packaging was absolutely adorable, and I loved the personal touches. Highly recommend her and her shop!”

over 1,000

Kelsie Cakes has received over 1,000 5-star reviews since opening in 2015.

Expert artistic guidance & support— your peace of mind is a piece of cake!

Fast, reliable packaging & tracking of your delicate-but-durable Sugar Flowers

Finely-detailed Sugar Flowers made from the best ingredients

Here’s what you get when you work with Sugar Flowers by Kelsie Cakes:

Let’s break it down…

Outsource to a Sugar Flower Artist who gets it—let’s team up & give ‘em something to talk about at your next event.

Get more comfortable with how this sugar situation works— Learn every step from unpacking the Sugar Flowers to actually styling them on your cake so it’s ready to turn heads..

Get realistic artistry on your doorstep in days—shop the a la carte blooms … super-awesome customer service included.

Where to next?

I’m Kelsie Delisle, and I believe that exquisite, handmade, nature-inspired Sugar Flowers should be accessible to all cake artists regardless of the time, workspace, or number of employees you have …

I’ve been shaping sugar & gumpaste into Garden Club-worthy blooms with 10 years of cake industry under my (apron) belt...

your Sugar Flower Fairy Godmother

Hey there, I’m Kelsie!

Okay, lemme back up— I’m a baker of all trades who hung up my oven mitts to focus on my passion: making Sugar Flowers.

You can think of me as your Sugar Flower Fairy Godmother: someone on your side who’s as obsessed about the little details as you are (like getting that perfect shade of navy), who understands the time crunch you’re under, and who knows how to stand out from a sea of competition.

You need space and time to focus on the bigger parts of your business, or maybe to step away from the kitchen counter for a few hours to take time for yourself & your family.

I’m here to take something off your plate by creating botanical delicate-but-durable Sugar Flowers for your next edible masterpiece!

… or last-minute client design switch-ups
(Overnight shipping? Coming right up.)

– Gina

"These are the most stunningly beautiful, intricate, lovingly packaged flowers I have ever seen in my life. I have ordered Sugar Flowers from so many different people and never have they been this beautiful or this carefully packaged. Absolutely breathtaking! Kelsie does incredible work and I will definitely use her again and recommend her to everyone. I had sent her a picture of what I was looking for and she created it flawlessly and perfectly. It was more gorgeous in person than I could have ever imagined!"

Beautiful. Intricate. Breathtaking.
Beautiful. Intricate. Breathtaking.

I get that. Book a complimentary consultation call with me
and I’ll help you figure out what you need to make your next cake
look as good as it will taste! 👇🏼

Sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Still need help?

Have some fun a-la-Buzzfeed and take this quiz to find out!

For when your cake’s missing a certain romantic je ne sais quoi … but how big is too big when it comes to blooms?

What size Open Rose do I need for my cake?!

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