Zebra Cake, II

This is last weekend's cookie cake for my sister's friend's 15th birthday.  I changed the design up a little bit from the last one, and I think it looks awesome.  (I might be a little biased, but the birthday girl and her mom liked it too.)

Plus, the said it tasted great, which is the main purpose of the cake anyway.

In other cake decorating news, I have recently been to both Michael's and the "local" cake decorating store.  At Michael's, I bought some tips and some various cookie decorating equipment, like squeeze bottles.  The "local" cake store was a little more interesting:  I bought a tip saver and a lily flower nail, which will come in handy when Easter is here.  I say that the store is "local" because it's really 45 minutes away-- not really in the local area at all.  However, it's only about a minute from the dentist's office, and Mom and I were able to stop by and browse before my appointment.

This week I've got to make the Spanish Honor Society Induction Cake (the NHS cake fell through because I didn't have a pan big enough to make a cake for 100 people) and Katie's birthday cake.

If you haven't been able to tell, with my lack of blogging recently, March has been a very busy month.  And it's only half over!  I will try my hardest to stay on top of things, though, which includes blogging.  Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!