Care instructions

Gumpaste flowers have an extremely long shelf life, due to their sugar content and low moisture. As long as the flowers are taken care of properly, they'll last for years! Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight (it can fade the colors) as well as extreme heat/cold, and especially out of humidity. Some refrigerators are very humid, and can cause the flowers to melt, so I recommend placing the flowers on your cake before serving. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Each flower arrives in a box suitable for storage and comes with a care guide. 

To Remove Sugar Flowers from the box

Carefully remove your sugar flowers from the packaging. Bend the flexible floral wire stem and lift the sugar flower out of the foam. Gently open up the petals for flowers that have individually wired petals (such as open roses). If you are not using your flowers immediately, the box they arrived in is the perfect place to store your flowers


Always store sugar flowers in a cool, dry, dark place. Moisture, humidity, and sunlight can damage flowers and cause them to melt or the colors to fade.

If refrigerating your cake, keep in mind that the moisture of your refrigerator can affect the flowers. If you have a high humidity refrigerator, consider placing the flowers on the cake right before serving, or you can store your cake inside a sealed cardboard box to reduce condensation and humidity damage.

You can also place desiccant packets in the storage box as well.


If a petal breaks on your flower, you can repair it with a bit of royal icing, leaving it to set for a few hours or overnight. For some flowers, it is possible to remove a broken petal to hide the damage. (Click here to watch a video how to) For flowers that are damaged during shipping, please contact Kelsie Cakes with photos of the damage to begin the process of getting new flowers to you!

Inserting sugar flowers into cake

The easiest way to insert a sugar flower into your cake is to cut a plastic drinking straw to slightly shorter than the height of your cake, then insert the straw into your cake where you want the flower to go. Then place the flexible floral wire right into the straw. This provides a clean space for holding your flower, and makes removing the flowers easier. Remove sugar flowers and straws before serving cake.

Watch this video tutorial of how I do it!

You can also Safety Seal or flower picks, which I sell in my shop here.

Non-edible parts

Sugar flowers contain nontoxic, inedible materials such as wires and plastic stamens. The gumpaste contains egg whites.  They are for decorative purposes and not for consumption. Please remove sugar flowers prior to serving cake. After the cake is served, the sugar flowers can be stored as a keepsake. Carefully wipe off any icing that is on the petals and store in an airtight container such as these acrylic boxes.